Monsters are invading! Build defensive towers along the path to protect your safehouse, a cozy cabin in the woods. Kill the ghosts, werewolves and zombies to collect loot to buy and build more towers. Keep away from that mysterious shadowy entity that keeps following you. 

 WASD keys to move your character. 

 Click the Build icon (B key) to buy and build towers. Select a tower and place along the path within your character’s range.

Press [SPACE] bar to view range of placed towers and check health bars for the monsters and the cabin.


 Kill them with fire! This fireball-shooting tower brings the heat. 

 Freeze! A tower that shoots frosty orbs of destruction. 

 Go the distance with this sharp-shooting sniper tower. 

 Rocks, let’s just throw rocks at them! A gravestone tower that shoots smaller deadly gravestones. 

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