Keyboard: Move = WASD, Punch = K, Shoot = L, Jump = Space, Menu = ESC

Gamepad: Move = Right Thumb Stick, Punch = X, Shoot = B, Jump = A, Menu = Start/Select

Urgent Message:

A Class III spacecraft crash-landed into a hotel on the upper west side of the city. It is likely a stray ship from the hostile attack that was neutralized in Rural Zone B. The “green meanies” will be looking for vengeance.

Agent H, you are the closest agent on scene. Your mission is to eliminate the hostiles and, as usual, expunge all traces of their existence. The coordinates have been sent to your device. A cleanup crew is in transit.

Built for Stop Motion Game Jam 2018

Two player support 
Camera will only follow player 1 so stick together. Two players will need 2 game pads. 


Download 47 MB


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Awesome run/walk cycles!