You and your family of capybaras are being harassed by huge 1000 pound crocodile. You decide to take matters into your own hand by weight lifting and getting strong enough to take care of the menace once and for all.

Auto-lift can be activated in the settings menu for accessibility.


  1. Find items around the map to weightlift. 
  2. Be able to bench-press 1000 pounds. 
  3. Then take care of the crocodile.
ActionKeyboard/Mouse Gamepad
Interact with lift or food itemEY button
MoveWASDLeft thumb stick
Lifting - press repeatedlyLeft mouse buttonA button


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Really fun game! Motivated me to go to the gym! Nostalgia for GTA SA

Really quite funny! Lifting the other capybaras and then seeing the biceps grow... it's like watching a movie montage. It was a really cute game and straightforward.

I think it'd be nice if you emphasized the number of capybaras left at the end, as that could (and did) motivate someone to play again. Good work here.


It made me laugh, nice job!