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haha that was cute

fun game

Cute game.  The photo shot once you're caught is really funny and just the idea of running around trying to pick up trash as bigfoot is pretty great.

I really enjoyed playing this game.  However, I couldn't find the last two pieces of garbage.  I don't know if they just spawned outside the play area, inside a tree, or if I just missed them.  So I didn't get to see how it ends.  I also feel that the picker action is too precise.  It is a bit hard to grab the garbage at times, especially when the white dot disappears when I try to collect the garbage.  Other than those minor issues, it was a good game!  Good job!

I just fixed the issue. Its in the new release. The rigidbodies were set to discrete which allowed them to fall through the terrain simetimes. 

Awesome! I'm glad I could help.